Finger Puppets, Part 2

After I made finger puppets for my nephews, I wanted to make some for my son, as well. I made the same ten — five each of zoo animals and farm animals — but then I really wanted to make a fox, so I had to add in five woodland animals.

But then I wasn’t pleased with the chipmunk I had made. It looked too much like another bear and wasn’t very cute. I decided to make a skunk instead. While working on the skunk, though, I also made a couple more alterations to the chipmunk and ended up liking it pretty well. So then I had six woodland creatures instead of just five.

And, being me, I needed all the sets to have the same number of animals. So I made a sheep for the farm animals and a parrot for the zoo animals.

Anyway, here they are.

It ended up as kind of a Beaver-Chipmunk hybrid, but at least it looks distinct from the Bear, now.

I hope that little boy likes them.


Finger Puppets

For our family Christmas gift exchange this year, I drew my brother’s family. He has twin boys that are one and a half. Since our budget is a little tight, I decided to make them something. My little boy is about the same age as them, so I went with something I thought he would like: Finger puppets.

I googled for felt animal finger puppets and used the ideas I saw to help me make my own. The little red tote was all my doing, though, and I’m rather proud of it. The barn door opens and shuts, and the zoo bars aren’t attached, so you can put the animals in the zoo cage.



I think they came out cute, so now I want to make some for my own little guy. I’m thinking of maybe making the barn and zoo animals and then also making a set of woodland creatures — fox, rabbit, owl, bear, squirrel — mostly just because I think a fox finger puppet would be so adorable.