30 Days, Day 17: Patriotic Shirt

Occasionally, we like to buy T-Shirts from the craft store and use fabric markers to decorate them. In our hometown, the 4th of July is a particularly big deal, with a giant parade, and a lot of other Independence Day activities, so we wanted Baby to be ready to celebrate with the best of Uncle Sam’s nephews.

I realize the design I came up with isn’t the most original, but I think Baby will be very cute in it.

Baby will be the cutest patriot.
Baby will be the cutest patriot.

30 Days, Day 16: Picture Book

OK, so the picture book is actually an ongoing project. I’m not much of an artist (see my earlier horse-drawing post for confirmation of that), but I like to cut things out of paper, so I’m slowly making the illustrations for my book from cut out paper. It’s nothing too fancy, but I think it will be kind of fun for Baby to have a book written and illustrated by his mommy.

Try to draw a soccer ball sometime without a reference. It’s basically impossible.

This is the illustration for the first page (minus the table you can see behind it). I think it’s kind of cute.

I’m about halfway done with the book right now. When I’m finished, my plan is to upload it all to a site like Shutterfly or something to make it a real, bound book.

30 Days, Day 3: Draw a Horse

I have never been a very talented artist, but I do like to doodle. I’m best at drawing things with lots of straight lines –pencils, books, cubes, that kind of thing. I’m worst at drawing things that are alive, like people and animals. And among all the animals that I feel least competent at drawing, horses rank the highest.

So for day three, I decided to learn to draw a horse.

For comparison’s sake, I drew a horse on my own, first.

Ugly Horse 001
Actually, this is about the best horse I’ve ever drawn.

I made it a unicorn. And a Pegasus. Just in case.

Then I looked up a horse-drawing tutorial online, here: How to Draw a Horse. And I drew the horse below while watching The X-Files (which people promise me gets better).

Slightly Better Horse 001

It’s not fantastic, but it’s not too bad. It’s about on par with a mildly-competent sixth grader, I think, and definitely better than my Pegaunicorn above.