30 Days, Day 18: Baby Chef Hat

I like to make silly greeting cards prominently featuring Baby for his Grandparents. Typically, I dress him up using stuff we have around the house. For his grandma’s upcoming birthday, I wanted to do a chef theme, but didn’t have a chef hat, so I decided to make one. I used the instructions on this website: andersruff.com.

(I was considerably less neat about it, though.)

It was pretty easy to do, and (since I’m one of the weirdos who saves and reuses tissue paper from gifts), I had the necessary supplies at home.

Here’s one of the pictures I took of Baby in his chef getup.

He's grown up so much!
He’s grown up so much!

You’ll note that because I’ve read entirely too many scary articles about posting pictures of your kids online, I’ve gone to some knock-off-Photoshop lengths to protect Baby’s identity. You’ll just have to believe me when I say his cuteness was at ridiculous levels.


30 Days, Day 17: Patriotic Shirt

Occasionally, we like to buy T-Shirts from the craft store and use fabric markers to decorate them. In our hometown, the 4th of July is a particularly big deal, with a giant parade, and a lot of other Independence Day activities, so we wanted Baby to be ready to celebrate with the best of Uncle Sam’s nephews.

I realize the design I came up with isn’t the most original, but I think Baby will be very cute in it.

Baby will be the cutest patriot.
Baby will be the cutest patriot.

30 Days, Day 16: Picture Book

OK, so the picture book is actually an ongoing project. I’m not much of an artist (see my earlier horse-drawing post for confirmation of that), but I like to cut things out of paper, so I’m slowly making the illustrations for my book from cut out paper. It’s nothing too fancy, but I think it will be kind of fun for Baby to have a book written and illustrated by his mommy.

Try to draw a soccer ball sometime without a reference. It’s basically impossible.

This is the illustration for the first page (minus the table you can see behind it). I think it’s kind of cute.

I’m about halfway done with the book right now. When I’m finished, my plan is to upload it all to a site like Shutterfly or something to make it a real, bound book.

30 Days, Day 15: Pão de Queijo

Once upon a time, I lived in Brazil for eighteen months. Brazilians make some seriously delicious foods, and among the most delicious is pão de queijo (literally, “bread of cheese”). As I am planning to have a Brazilian-style first birthday party for Baby (not for a few months, but I’m excited), I wanted to practice some of the foods I might make.

I used the recipe here. While definitely not completely authentic (they just don’t sell queijo minas in the local grocery store), these lovely little bread-cheese-puff things are fantastic.

I’ve already eaten about ten.

The only weird ingredient was tapioca flour, which we found at a local farmer’s market-type grocery store. (It was buy one get one free, too!) And with the help of the KitchenAid, they were quite easy to make.

30 Days, Day 14: Abstract Algebra

This one will take a lot more than one day, but we’ll count starting it as one of my days.

As I have mentioned, I was a math teacher before becoming a mom, so I took a lot of math classes in high school, including Abstract Algebra, widely regarded as one of the two hardest classes in the MathEd major. I actually rather liked it, as I’m generally a fan of the more abstract parts of math, anyway, but in the intervening nine years, I’ve forgotten all but the most basic aspects.

So for this day, I started reading through my Abstract Algebra book and working the problems as I went.

It's a pretty ugly book, really.
It’s a pretty ugly book, really.

I haven’t actually gotten to any of the abstract algebra itself, yet — so far it’s just notation and set theory — but I am excited to continue. I hadn’t done a real proof in years (though I do occasionally prove the Law of Cosines when I’m in boring meetings, just because I’m cool), so it was a little challenging, but ultimately gratifying.

30 Days, Day 13: Sock Puppet

It is clear that I will never be a Pinterest Queen, but I did have fun making this dragon sock puppet out of felt, buttons, and a sock whose match I lost ages ago.

It’s a wingaling dragon!

It would probably look more like a dragon if I’d had, say, a green sock, but I didn’t, and this is how it came out.

It looks like maybe some kind of dragon/cow/donkey/dog hybrid. Terrifying.

But the thing is, Baby seems to like it, and that’s all that really matters. Right?