Finger Puppets, Part 2

After I made finger puppets for my nephews, I wanted to make some for my son, as well. I made the same ten — five each of zoo animals and farm animals — but then I really wanted to make a fox, so I had to add in five woodland animals.

But then I wasn’t pleased with the chipmunk I had made. It looked too much like another bear and wasn’t very cute. I decided to make a skunk instead. While working on the skunk, though, I also made a couple more alterations to the chipmunk and ended up liking it pretty well. So then I had six woodland creatures instead of just five.

And, being me, I needed all the sets to have the same number of animals. So I made a sheep for the farm animals and a parrot for the zoo animals.

Anyway, here they are.

It ended up as kind of a Beaver-Chipmunk hybrid, but at least it looks distinct from the Bear, now.

I hope that little boy likes them.