30 Days, Day 18: Baby Chef Hat

I like to make silly greeting cards prominently featuring Baby for his Grandparents. Typically, I dress him up using stuff we have around the house. For his grandma’s upcoming birthday, I wanted to do a chef theme, but didn’t have a chef hat, so I decided to make one. I used the instructions on this website: andersruff.com.

(I was considerably less neat about it, though.)

It was pretty easy to do, and (since I’m one of the weirdos who saves and reuses tissue paper from gifts), I had the necessary supplies at home.

Here’s one of the pictures I took of Baby in his chef getup.

He's grown up so much!
He’s grown up so much!

You’ll note that because I’ve read entirely too many scary articles about posting pictures of your kids online, I’ve gone to some knock-off-Photoshop lengths to protect Baby’s identity. You’ll just have to believe me when I say his cuteness was at ridiculous levels.


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