30 Days, Day 14: Abstract Algebra

This one will take a lot more than one day, but we’ll count starting it as one of my days.

As I have mentioned, I was a math teacher before becoming a mom, so I took a lot of math classes in high school, including Abstract Algebra, widely regarded as one of the two hardest classes in the MathEd major. I actually rather liked it, as I’m generally a fan of the more abstract parts of math, anyway, but in the intervening nine years, I’ve forgotten all but the most basic aspects.

So for this day, I started reading through my Abstract Algebra book and working the problems as I went.

It's a pretty ugly book, really.
It’s a pretty ugly book, really.

I haven’t actually gotten to any of the abstract algebra itself, yet — so far it’s just notation and set theory — but I am excited to continue. I hadn’t done a real proof in years (though I do occasionally prove the Law of Cosines when I’m in boring meetings, just because I’m cool), so it was a little challenging, but ultimately gratifying.


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