30 Days, Day 9: Organs — The Body Part Kind

It occurred to me that I don’t know very much about how the human body works. I mean, I know the names of a lot of organs, but I’m not really sure what many of them do. So for day 9, I decided to learn some things about organs in the human body.

Because I’m lazy, I used wikipedia. It was really pretty handy, though, with a nice list so I could click on links and read more about specific organs. Among the things I learned: ligaments and tendons are basically the same thing, they just connect different things (ligaments connect bones to bones; tendons connect bones to muscles) and are both made of collagen; “sinews” is just another word for “tendons”; I’ve been saying “larynx” wrong forever; your gall bladder stores bile (also called gall), which makes sense; and your stomach isn’t centered — it’s a little offset to the left.

I didn’t get through all of the organs on the list, but I learned a lot of things. I even took notes so I could feel legit.


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