30 Days to a More Powerful Me

When I was a senior in high school, we used the book Thirty Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary in my English class, and I thought it was fantastic. It’s the reason that I know words like “uxorious” and “effete,” which, OK, aren’t useful very often, but are interesting and fun.

Since leaving my teaching job to become a stay-at-home mom seven and a half months ago, I’ve been feeling a little… not useful very often. And not very interesting or fun, either. I’m like the stereotypical lazy mom that spends her day scrolling through facebook and playing Plants vs. Zombies in between feedings, changings, and singings of “The Wheels on the Bus.”

So I had an idea that I’d like to take 30 days to become a more powerful me, by which I mostly mean, feel like I’m doing something useful or interesting or new. (Don’t get me wrong — I know that reading board books and pureeing pears are important, just a little monotonous.)

My plan is to do something different every day for the next 30 weekdays and put a short post up about what I did and what my resources were, in case you want to learn or try something new, too.


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