30 Days, Day 2: Menu Planning

I’m terrible at menus. I hate looking for recipes. But I really need to be more organized about it.

So, for today, I decided to try planning a menu for this week. It’s just dinners, and it’s mostly just main courses, for now. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself. We like to cook double batches, and then eat leftovers for a couple of days, so I’m really only planning three dinners, but it’s something!

We’ll be eating Parmesan Chicken, Bean Soup and Sausage, and Tomato Artichoke Pasta.

I’m using this website: Sadie’s Recipes.

It’s got some cool functions, like pulling recipes from allrecipes.com and making you a grocery list. Plus it’s free!

(And, disclaimer, my brother made it.)

(It looks like I’m doing two posts for today, but I technically did the country memorizing on Friday, so this is the real one for Monday, March 23.)


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