I recently became a mommy. A stay-at-home mommy. I used to have a job where I came into contact with hundreds of people each day, and now I spend most of my time with one very small, very slobbery person.

Raising children is important, but sometimes it’s hard to feel that way in the middle of changing the fourth poopy diaper or reading the fifth board book — and without an audience to cheer you on or a supervisor to give you a positive performance review.

Thus, now I have a blog.

Like most people, I’ve imagined myself the author of some Harry Potter-style mega bestseller that I can write from home while being the perfect mommy and make lots of money. (Especially the lots of money part.) And, also like most people, I never will. I’m absolutely miserable at fiction. But, of course, I’ve also imagined myself as a math textbook author, so there’s that.

So hopefully practice will help me become a slightly better writer for when I write that math textbook. Or at least the captions in a baby book.


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